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Porsche Boxter

Da sucht man mit einem nicht ganz ernsthaften Hintergrund bei nach einem neuen Gebrauchtwagen und findet überraschend einen Porsche Boxter unter 5000 Euro. Super Ausstattung, gerade mal 4 Jahre alt, über 200 PS und auch noch aus dem näheren Umkreis von Bremen. Kurze Mail an die Privatperson: „Wenn der Preis stimmt, ist das Auto gekauft“. Folgende Antwort holte mich von meinem geplanten Geschwindigkeitstripp zurück auf den Boden der Tatsachen.

2003 Porsche Boxster 18“GT3, NAVI, Leder – – – Price 4900 Euro
Thanks for your email, i`m located in London/United Kingdom would like to explain the situation with the car and how we`ll make this transaction : this was my brother`s car, he was a student in Bremen/Germany and rented an apartment (with a garage) there , however a few weeks ago he got sick and my family brought him back to England urgently, he died 2 weeks latter.. Now my mother is in a hospital and i need the money very fasy………i hope that i will not lose her , too.Anyway, i have rights to sell his car and that`s why i`ve placed the add on the website. I will not have any problem to sell the car, even if the car is not on my name…I have a document from a Public Notary from here from Ireland that allows me to sell the car in my brother’s behalf….this document is worldwide recognized ….. Since the car is located in Bremen/Germany, we`ll have to establish a time and date to meet in Bremen/Germany for the exchange however i will only make this under my terms as i`ve had another atempt to sell the car to a french,but he wasn`t a man of word as i couldn`t find him at the Berlin/Germany , i tryed to call him but no luck.Before establishing the date and location to meet you, i will have to ask you to show me that you have the money in a verifiable way, such as western union money transfer, for example:You will have to choose a person from your family (wife,husband,mother,father,sister) or your best friend to make a transfer of EUR 4900 from his name and location ,into your name ,but in Bremen(like then you are in Bremen).The person that will wire the money into your name ,will be the sender of the transfer and you’ll be the receiver and only you two will have the control of this funds…after the transfer is done,the person that will wire the money will receive a receipt from the western Union agent and all you’ll have to do is to scan this receipt and to send it to me attached trough e-mail….This paper will be enough for me to see that you have the money and your interes to buy my car is real….at my turn,as soon as I will see the scanned receipt,I’ll make some researches at the Airport to see when I’ll have flights available to Germany You will have to confirm me the day when will be ok for you to arrive in Germany after i will provide you the flights available and I will buy the plane ticket for that flight and at my turn I’ll scan it and I’ll send it trough e-mail to you ,just to asure you that I am a man of my word…..
I think that you’ll understand my concerne and my terms of sale will not be a problem for you if you realy want the car and if you are a serious person….I don’t want to buy the plane ticket,to make this displacement and maybe you will never show up ,as my first client from France does….I’ve lost a lot of money for that trip and my trust in people…..If I will see the receipt ,then I will be sure that you have the money and you will be there to wait for me when I will arrive in Germany When you will come in Germany,we will go to a mechanic to confirm you that the car runs perfect and to a Police Office ,to confirm you that the car it’s not stolen and and the document that allows me to sell the car is valid.
If something goes wrong with this car and if will not be as I have described you,then I will pay for your trip and for the time that you will lose.The car is in perfect conditions it’s like new , I know how much my brother took care of it.I will transfer the documents of the car on your name and after that we both go to a Western Union Office in Bremen and you will retire the money that have been sent from the person that you trust in, from your location.As you can see,this transfer will not be a payment in advance since you are the receiver of the funds.
I have to tell you that,you will pay a commission to transfer this omount of 4900 EUR trough Western Union ,but this is not a problem,because when we will meet in Germany ,I will refund your money that you will pay for this commission from my pocket…
Let me know if this is fair with you, i would hate to come to Germany again for nothing, that`s why i`m making sure we have a deal. Will not accept an alternative to my terms and i do not have any relatives in Germany that could manage this transaction besides me.

A fast answer will be gladly apreciated!!!

Nun ja, irgendwie war’s auch klar, das da was einfach nicht stimmen kann. Aber man wird ja nochmal träumen dürfen…


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  1. olli

    und da fallen ja am laufenden bad leute drauf rein, nicht nur dass das englisch grotte ist, auch steht auf ja nen hinweis bezüglich western union…

  2. Henning

    Schon mal was von „Boys from Nigeria“ gehört? Da gibt es eine ganze Industrie die sich mit sowas befasst… Ich hatte sowas mal mit angeblichen Entführungsopfern die dringend Lösegeld brauchten – ich habe zurückgeschrieben, daß mein Bruder in der Fremdenlegion sei und das ich ihn informiert habe – er würde mit einem Sonderkommando ausrücken und die Familie – zur Not mit Waffengewalt – befreien.

    Irgendwie kam dann nach einigem hin und her plötzlich keine Mail mehr…

  3. Liam Gremm

    Hallo der gleiche scheiß läft grade mit einem Passat 07/97 170000 runter schwarz Metallic für 3000 euro also achtung BETRÜGER

  4. ja klar


    Look how we can make this deal , because I have tried to find the best
    solution for the both of us. It’s very hard for me to take a break from
    my work, but look how we can make this deal: I think that the best
    solution is
    that you will come here in UK and we can make the deal face to face, in
    I think this is the best solution for the both of us. But to be sure
    that you are a serious person and I will come in UK at home for a real
    you will have to show me that you really have the money for this car and
    you are a serious person, and you will come in UK to see the car, and I
    not take the break from my work for nothing. To show me that you have
    the money and you are coming in London even to get your money back, you
    will have
    to go with a friend at Western Union Service in your city.Your friend
    will send the money from his name to your name, in London,UK.
    This way you can be sure about your money, because only you can pick it
    up, in UK(and when you are here, it’s simple, because you can take the
    from Western Union, here in UK, and pay me for the car, in person, with
    cash).Please understand that when you will make the
    transfer via western union they don’t allow you to send the money from
    your name to your name in London,United Kingdom(to use the same name as
    the sender and the receiver)
    because may cause some problems and maybe we will have also problems
    when you will be in London and we will pick up the money from their
    office and this is the reason that
    you must take a friend or relative with you and he will send the money
    from his name to your name in London,United Kingdom.The transfer must to
    be like this:

    sender name : your friend’s or your relative’s name
    sender address : address of your friend or relative
    receiver name : here will be your name
    receiver address : London , United Kingdom

    After you have made the payment by Western Union, you will send me the
    scanned receipt ( paper ) they will give you. If the money are OK and
    you are the
    receiver, in Western Union, in UK, I will take a break from my work, we
    will arrange to meet together and you will be able to see the car.
    You must to understand my point, because I want to be sure that you will
    come in United Kingdom and we can have a real deal, not just words.
    When you will be here in UK, you will see the car , verify the papers
    with the Police in London and you can see that is everything is OK.
    After you see that the car is OK and you decide you want to buy it, we
    will make the sale contract and the car will be on your name. After we
    have made
    the contract, we will go together at Western Union, you will take the
    money, since the money are sent to your name and only you can take it,
    you will give
    me the rest of the money for the car in cash, like I have told you. I
    hope that everything is clear and you can make a trip to United Kingdom
    so we can
    have a real deal. Probably this payment method it is not very familiar
    to you, but I have to admit that it is most efficient process to go
    I need to tell you something and I hope you can understand me; if you
    don’t like the car, I will give you back the money for the plane
    tickets, and also
    I will give you back the fees that you have paid for the transfer by
    Western Union.Please consider that Western Union has fees and if you are
    bothered by those
    I will deduct them from the price of the car.So please reply me soon,
    and tell me if we can make the deal!My experience in the sale business
    proved to me that quality is the key element to have a successful
    business. Good faith and passion for winning has always
    been my top priority and my most valued business approach.If you don’t
    know where you can find Western Union, in your city, please tell me your
    city name, and I can find for you a location, where you can go and
    arrange the payment. Please reply me soon!

  5. ja klar

    BMW X5 für jahreswagen für 5.600 bei

    wer hat interesse?^^